Several months ago, before receiving dyslexia support I was in that phase of life that the more I was trying more I was failing.

I was very confused, desperate, stressed with my last months of study, thesis, having just heard of having a tendency of

dyslexia and of course panicked! I did not have a clue where to start from.


Kiran was the best listener and after a very long time as an international student I had a feeling of being 100% understood. She helped me find my strengths and self confidence. She provided me with helpful information on dyslexia and taught me many different techniques on how to deal with my learning difficulty. The specialist tuition has been extremely helpful and I now have the coping strategies to deal with my weaknesses and know how to express myself.

BA student, University Arts London

My son is 12 years old now. When he was in year six his teacher suggested I seek additional support for him with English. I began searching for a tuition centre. One of my friend’s recommended Kip Mcgrath. My son went there for a while and he was taught by Sandy, she was a really good teacher and tried to help him. His end of school year level was really good. Unfortunately my son found it difficult to concentrate in big groups. so he was unable to continue at the tuition centre. 


The following school year he started secondary school. He still needed help for English. My husband and I decided to find Sandy. We wanted her to support him privately in a one to one setting. Sandy works with our son and tutors him privately. We are happy with his English level in school. Sandy is an excellent teacher and we are happy to recommend her.

Parent, Woodford, Essex

"Thanks to the different strategies used by Kiran my 11 year old dyspraxic/dyslexic son has excelled in both maths and English, his confidence has grown and he has developed an understanding in maths. After trying different tuition centres over a number of years I feel no one has understood his difficulties the way Kiran has been able to.


New doors have opened for my son and after only two lessons my son understood how to work out money. Kiran always listens and understands, she then gives her professional advice. I would highly recommend Kiran as a tutor, she is friendly and my son really gets on well with her."

Parent, Essex 

My 10 year old dyslexic son has learnt so much with Sandy. She has taught him through the British Dyslexia Assosiation (BDA) tuition group and in a one to one setting for almost two years. She is so good working with children.


Sandy uses different tools for teaching and I personally like that she explains to parents the work and progress of the child, so I can understand and support my child at home.

Parent, Essex

Not knowing why things were not going well for my able son was difficult to comprehend especially when he was always 'in control of his affairs'. Coming to terms with and accepting formal assessment for dyslexia diagnosis was a major breakthrough for him. He says 'knowing that I am not dumb is reassuring'. 

Securing private one to one dyslexia support  with Kiran helped my son open up a bit more and subsequently enhanced his confidence. The honest yet open relationship between my son and his specialist teacher is awesome and that reflects in his relationship with others as he moves on into adulthood.

Parent of A Level Student, Chingford, Essex

When my daughter (aged eight at the time) first started tuition with Sandy, she was a very shy girl to where she is now two years on. Sandy assessed my daughter and built her sessions around her needs with brilliant teaching resources. She has helped build her maths and literacy skills as well as her confidence. 

My daughter now participates much more in class, she has definitely excelled. Sandy is very patient, she has a way with children making the session and makes the learning enjoyable. I believe this is indeed important as I didn’t want learning to be a chore.  Sandy always gives feedback after every session which I especially liked, this supported me in helping my daughter too.


Parent, Woodford, Essex

I like to learn with Sandy because she understands me and she is patient.

Student with dyslexia (aged 10)  



I have known Sandy since 2013. She is very good teacher. She always finds the right learning materials for me and that has help me to understand things more quickly. l have made big progress in English. I'm happy that Sandy tutors me privately.

Student (aged 12) Woodford, Essex


Sandy’s tuition was really good and she has helped me a lot. Sandy is really nice and kind. 


Student (aged 10) Ilford, Essex


Getting help for my dyslexia wasn't easy as I would shy away from letting people know about my learning difficulty. However, getting specialist dyslexia tuition was the best thing I could have done to help me complete my degree. The help I received was the best I've ever had.


Kiran was very supportive and motivating when helping me with my assignments and essays. Without this specialist support I don't think I would have been able to pass every unit and complete my degree with a merit; she was a great teacher.

BA Fashion student, University Arts London 

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