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Make it Right

​We are committed to ensuring your child receives the best teaching support possible and that you, as a parent and/or carer receive a high standard of service. Meeting and exceeding expectations is extremely important to us. If you/your child is/are not satisfied with the service, let us know and we’ll make it right.

What age do you teach?

We teach children from reception age upwards (4 to 18).

How do I register my child?

You will need to book an assessment at one of our centres. After feedback, we advise you on your child’s needs and our recommendations. The assessment provides a great opportunity for your child to see the teaching environment and meet the teachers.

We do not enrol any student when they come in for an assessment. We like you to take some time to think about it, and discuss it with your child/ren.  You will be informed when you need to let us know, so we have time to prepare a personlised learning programme for your child.

How does the assessment work?

We offer everyone a free assessment. This is not a pressurised test, but more of an opportunity for your child to show us what they know and what they don’t know, and where they need further support. Through identifying strengths and weaknesses, helps us to provide support in areas they find difficult as well as challenging them further in areas they are confident in, which is as equally important.

Our assessments are standardised, in contrast to other assessments. Giving us an accurate result of your child’s current ability.

We will discuss the results in detail to determine exactly where your child needs the support. The assessment is non-obligatory, your child does not have to join. Hopefully, the results will be helpful in how you can support your child.

How long does the assessment take?

The assessment process can take between 30 mins and an hour and a half, this depends on subject and location. Please check with the centre.

How long are the sessions and where are they held?

Sessions run weekly and range from 60, 90 minues and 120 minutes (depending on location). Activities are broken down into a 15-20 minute slots to keep students engaged and interested. There are a variety of options available across our centres, please discuss your needs with us.

How will my child be taught?

A combinations of one to one and small groups (2-4) using a range of multi-sensory teaching resources and learning styles. Our teaching style is not classroom based, each child works on individual activities according to their needs.

Will my child receive homework?

Yes, depending on the individual’s learning programme/child’s needs.

Will you come to my home to tutor?

All tutoring is delivered in our centres. This provides us the opportunity to offer valuable face to face specialist teaching.

A number of our teachers do offer one to one support private tutoring, please ask a member of staff for further information.

Do you teach students with learning difficulties?

Yes. We have qualified and experienced staff in teaching students with a range of learning difficulties (SpLDs including dyslexia and dyspraxia). As there are many disabilities with varying levels of disorder, we may also recommend that you seek additional professional advice.

It is essential that we undertake an initial interview and assessment with your child before we can determine if tuition would be effective for them. Our primary focus is to ensure that your child’s learning weaknesses are addressed and not a hindrance to their ability to learn. If we feel your child will benefit from one to one support we will let you know, costs will vary.

How long will it take for my child to improve?

Your child’s learning progress will be monitored regularly through formative and summative assessments, in addition to termly tutorials with the student and parents/guardians. Each child is indivudual, and the pace for improvement and progress is different for each child. Regular committment thorugh attendance, homework and working as a team (you, your child and us) taking on board adivice and tips will accelarate learning.

How else can I support my child in addition to tutoring?

We recommend that you inform your child’s school of the additional tuition support they are receiving through us. Please keep us notified of your child’s performance and any areas of concern. It is compulsory that your child attends regularly in order to see any significant progress.

The award winning Doodle apps we use to support learning will most certainly help to accelerate your child’s/ren learning. Please ask us about purchasing a log in.