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Private Tuition Specialist are committed to the delivering the highest standards of teaching. Our team of qualified and experienced teachers are passionate about delivering our proven teaching approach and learning programs, designed to support students in their desire to improve and succeed.


We believe learning should be fun for both teachers and students. We encourage our students to learn because they want to and not because they have to. Helping to build confidence is at the heart of what we do. Our approach to teaching is to not only help students progress academically but to develop social skills, which will help them to succeed beyond the classroom.


Learning should be fun and interesting.


Each student is at a different stage and learns in different ways.


Building self-esteem and soft skills.


It is all about praise and encouragement, and that is the same for staff.


Our approach is multisensory to suit all learning styles.


We love what we do and care about making a difference.

Personalised Learning

Every learning programe is tailored towards each individual

Educational Games

Making learning interactive, fun and engaging

Qualified and Experienced Teachers

Delivering high quality tuition


Building self belief

Award winning Apps

Personalised activities using Doodle Learning and MathsWatch,

Soft Skills

For success beyond the classroom


To deliver personalised tuition by qualified and experienced teachers using a fun and engaging approach to learning.

We look forward to working with you to make a difference.

The Directors

We have over 40 years combined experience in the education sector and remain passionate about helping students overcome challenges to learning and achieve their full potential. We have supported a variety of curriculums across various levels, ranging from early years education to university level.

As identified by the Rose report “Speaking and listening, together with reading and writing, are prime communication skills that are central to children’s intellectual, social and emotional development. All these skills are drawn upon and promoted by high quality, systematic phonic work (2006).”

Our carefully learning programmes, designed by specialists teachers, run in line with the school National Curriculum. It includes all key skills and is taught through a multi-sensory approach, delivered by a passionate and dedicated staff.

The Tutors

All our tutors are experts in their fields and have a wealth of experience in teaching at various levels and educational fields (including primary, secondary, further and higher education)

All of our staff hold a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Staff are trained in handling safeguarding queries.

There is also a trained First Aider on site.