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We often hear the phrase ‘home tuition’ or ‘private tuition’ but what does it actually mean? More importantly will it help your child?

Private tuition is personalised support provided by a private tutor or a teacher outside of school. The primary purpose of private tuition is to help school children to achieve their study goals and reach their potential. Research suggests that students who receive private tuition progress faster.

For this reason, it’s no wonder private tuition is becoming more and more popular especially. Now more than ever, thanks to the COVID pandemic and all challenges it has brought to learning, parents are seeking the best private tutoring services for their children.

If this sounds like you and you feel the last year has impacted your child’s learning, Private Tuition Specialists are here to help and provide the best possible personalised support. So, what are the benefits of private tuition?

Key Benefits of private tuition

Here are some key benefits of private tuition:

1.  Tailored support according to the child’s needs

One of the top benefits of getting private tuition is the tailored support according to your child’s needs. We make sure that our tutoring support is provided according to the needs of the child. Through private tuition, children usually focus better and are taught in a way to meet their specific needs. In schools, teachers usually have no time to focus on the educational needs of each child separately. However, with the support of private tuition, every educational need of a child is covered. For example, if a student is weak in specific areas of math and English, they will need support for both English tuition and maths tuition, which is only possible through private tuition. At Private Tuition Specialists, we not only focus on weak areas, we also challenge students in areas they are confident in, to push them further with their learning.

2.  Personalised Lessons

One of the most significant advantages of private tuition is that each lesson can be easily personalsied and adapted according to the need of every student and their learning style. Through private tuition, a tutor can adjust the process and pace of teaching; hence it becomes easy to achieve the objectives of the lessons. At Private Tuition Specialists, we ensure that lessons are personalised according to the capability and need of students. This means that learning can be maximised effortlessly in this way. Personalised teaching and our multisensory approach to learning is perfect for students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

3.  The right tutor can make all the difference

At schools, parents do not have a choice about teachers for their children. However, with the support of private tuition, you have a choice. We match the child and the tutor after our first meeting and assessment with the child and parents. We make sure that the tutor and students have a friendly relationship between them. It means that the students will have a mentor in the form of a tutor who will teach them most effectively and release their potential.

4.  Saves time and effort

Busy schedules often means parents do not have time to support children and help with homework. Moreover, as the academic year progresses, the homework becomes more challenging. Homework should reinforce what the child has learnt at school and provide a challenge. If the child is unable to complete the homework independently, this may mean the child has not fully grasped how to do the work or understood the topic at school. As there is often around 30 children in a classroom, it’s virtually impossible for the teacher to check in with each child to ensure they have understood what was taught in the lesson. Private tuition is a great way of supporting children with gaps in their learning or to go over topics a child may not have fully understood in the classroom. A private tutor has the skills, knowledge and most importantly, the time to meet the educational needs of each child.

5.  Early intervention, quicker results

There is never a right time for private tuition, but it does often becomes harder for a child to catch up later on. Speak to your child about how they feel and how you feel. It is important to have an open, honest discussion with your child about how they feel towards their learning. Some children will outright ask their parents to get them additionally private tuition. Many are too anxious to ask for fear of letting themselves and you down. It is so important to have this discussion with your child and find out what the best option is. Is it a private tutor? Attending a private tuition centre? Take your time to think about it, do your research, speak to private tutors, find out what experience and qualifications they have. Visit tuition center, find out how it works. Let your child lead the way and be a part of the decision making. Your child is more likely to want to learn if they are involved in the process.

At Private Tuition Specialists, we invite each child in for a free assessment. This not only provides us with an outline of their abilities, but it gives them the opportunity to meet the teachers, get a feel of the environment and to see how we teach. We never enrol anyone on the first day. Once we provide assessment feedback, we encourage parents to have a discussion with their child. We want them to want to come.

6.  Increases self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the most crucial attribute children require to progress in the classroom and beyond. Because private tutors develop a more personal relationship with children, they can understand all their educational needs and enhance their possibilities of achievement. When a child can overcome difficulties and challenges with learning, they certainly feel a boost in self-confidence, which accelerates learning. Through private tuition, special attention and coaching are provided to students of all abilities and levels. It will surely increase the self-confidence of children. At Private Tuition Specialists, building confidence is at the heart of what we do. For us, this is more important than academic skills. Once a child has confidence, they can achieve anything. It’s the confidence that gives them the drive and motivation to learn and achieve things they probably felt they couldn’t.

7.  A comfortable, safe, and friendly environment

Sometimes students feel shy or may not be willing to ask questions in front of the class. Private tuition provides a comfortable, safe and friendly environment, giving them more confidence to speak out. At Private Tuition Specialists, we offer a safe environment for children to ask their questions without feeling shy or embarrassed. Our tutors ensure children are comfortable to have open discussions about things they are unsure of without feeling vulnerable. More often than not, this encourages other children to ask questions.

8.  Homework help

Homework can be a chore for most children (including parents!). Private tuition and support will provide students with homework set at the right level. We provide homework to enhance the learning experience, reinforce what they did in the session. Homework is something a child should not struggle with if they have learned and understood the topic, sadly, this is not always the case at school. Schools do not have time to personalise the homework, but Private Tuition Specialists do.

9.  Regular assessments

Assessments and testing are a part of school life. It happens at the same time for everyone in the classroom, regardless of whether a child is ready.

Private tuition supports and prepares the children by giving them the opportunity to practice and revise topics in a variety of ways before they are required to sit an assessment. Asking a child to take an assessment is a daunting experience for them, especially if they are low in confidence and are weak in subjects such as math and English. At Private Tuition Specialists, we support our students by helping them to develop study skills and techniques. We continuously monitor the progress of students by carrying out regular short assessments. Through the regular assessments, we are able to analyse weak areas and offer further support before they undertake final assessments and exams.

10.  Helping to achievement the overall goals

Studying is not all about getting higher grades and marks; it also about achieving specific goals and targets. These goals and targets may go beyond the academic curriculum. Private tuition helps students achieve their individual goals and targets and overcome the challenges of academic life. We try our best to support students with their social and soft skills to prepare them for secondary school, sixth form, college, university, and work.  Our tutors play a key role in building confidence, self-esteem and soft skills that are just as important in the real-life world to get a job in the future.

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